Monday, August 06, 2012

NBC continues to f*ck up, get high ratings, for Olympics

Not to put too fine a point on it, but NBC is worse than the BBC in its moronic race for advertising money---of course, BBC is a state-owned catastrophe and NBC a corporatist ally of the First Eff-up staining the Oval Office at the moment, but both emit high voltage chaos in their own peculiar ways.

PBS stinks as well with that ozone smell after high voltage misdirection, but having a grifter like NASA stooge Hansen on today to explain how AGW is causing the drought and wildfires in the USA without explaining El Nino & La Nina is simply an intellectual con that a scam artist like Hansen is never called out on by Judy Woodruff & the rest of the leftists at that taxpayer-funded nightmare.

Watching endless sessions of beach volleyball and other boring exhibitions is made worse by NBC's moronic neglect of American athletes like Gatlin on the 100m podium. NBC's camera remained fixed on Usain Bolt's face like it was Pamela Anderson's tits. Give Gatlin & other Silver & Bronze Americans face time, you boring socialist peacocks!

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