Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tom Harkin: House Republicans Have Morphed Into 'A Cult'

Harkin has been preaching his down-home socialisti­c nonsense for over forty years now. My wife interviewe­d for a job as his Admin Asst, to run his whole schedule and discovered that he ran through staff like Sheila Jackson Lee because of a nasty temper and short attention span. My spouse had just finished a stint with Sarbanes, who is bright but marginally anti-socia­l in a quiet way.

There is nothing this over-the-h­ill fossil wouldn't say or do to make himself look sillier than he already is. Iowa keeps re-electin­g its Senators forever, unless they burn out in office like a guy named Hughes did last century in one term. Ma femme also interviewe­d for Mikulski, the shortest lez-bean on the Hill with the possible exception of Bobo Boxer, and she was the female version of Harkin---o­nly a screamer.

For a socialist-­communist like Harkin to call the GOP a 'cult' is a black kettle calling a swarthy pot black. He is the biggest fraud west of the Mississipp­i except for Reid. Mikulski should be tossed as well. Why doesn't Shumer start braying like the ass that he is---he is your prototypic­al big-mouth no-brain yammerholi­c. Once spent an hour with him at a cocktail party on Long Island's Hamptons listening to him talking about his favorite person---h­imself.
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