Saturday, July 16, 2011

Obama Takes Debt Ceiling Case To The American People, Congress Seeks Bipartisan Plan (VIDEO)

When the Obungler got up Friday morning and claimed that "80% of Americans WANT a tax increase," his nose should have grown through the mike and halfway to the teleprompt­ers. If GWB had said something parallel, the lamestream MSM would be all over him like the squalid agitpreppi­es they are and dozens of libtard columnists would be screeching "liar" and whining that GWB was a hopeless [genocidal maniac, Nazi, total retard], you pick the choice.

Instead, this Golden Boy again finds that he's totally unaccounta­ble and can say anything to the gaping journalist­-wannabe half-wits in the Press Room without a peep of follow-up queries on what he's been smoking or which meds had he forgotten to take this morning. The complete collapse of the lamestream MSM into a claque of dolts who applaud on command persists in spite of evidence that the First-Bozo may be leading us into an economic morass deeper than any his brain-dead predecesso­r, the hapless Peanut Farmer, ever did.

Does the NYT realize that its 800K paid circ is sinking while the 2 million WSJ paid circ is increasing by 5% per annum? Even if it does, libtards never admit they're wrong and will lead the mindless Left Coasters into moral and fiscal bankruptcy­.
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