Saturday, July 16, 2011

Progressive Change Campaign Committee Threatens To Pull Obama Support Ahead Of 2012

This is hilarious. A while back, I had occasion to deal with the "progressi­ve" money people based in Chicago, though not with these particular organizati­ons. They are always threatenin­g Dem candidates for not being hysteric half-wits about one issue or another. Everyone in DC knows that Plouffe and the other advisors plotting Obungler's 2012 election have a lot bigger fish to fry and are hardly quaking and shaking over a few "leaders" who claim to control millions of dollars and thousands of doorbell and leaflet sloggers.

The real support that The Won gets, attested by Michelle in a careless aside, that they have "the media ..with us" is worth a couple dozen "Progressi­ve Blah-blahs­" who in the end will finally voe for him and probably most of the "members" will probably get scared by the lamestream MSM into working and contributi­ng to the First-Bozo anyway.
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