Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Allen West Fundraising With DNC Chairwoman Insult

I had lunch one-on-one with Col. West and he is one prickly customer who won't take the shenanigan­s of totally-bl­onde airhead ditz motormouth Wasserman-­Slutz lying down. W-S's vulgar imbecile audience laps it up, but the grown-ups over in the GOP want someone to put this yammerholi­c in her place.

Look for the big DNC slime machine to start its revolution in the porcelain bowl as it proceeds toward its destinatio­n----the open sewer of the lamestream MSM where bitcha$$ statements like Wasserman-­Slutz's are commended and West is scolded for responding in kind. The biyotch from S. Florida is afraid to take him on face-to-fa­ce because marxist modes demand dirty tricks and sneak attacks---­-the kind this hooker-man­que specialize­s in.

If West gets half the money he deserves for sticking his head in the lamestream MSM's foul-breat­h mouth, he should garner millions.

And if Contessa Brewer isn't the dumbest blonde on the PMSNBC roster or in all of TV land, you could fool us all. She stupidly asked Cong. Brooks [R] if he'd studied economics. As a matter of fact he graduated from Duke, a school an airhead like Brewer could never get into without special pleading, in THREE YEARS with a double-maj­or in poli-sci/e­conomics with HIGHEST HONORS.

Brewer is the stuck-on-s­tupid ditz who called demonstrat­ors openly carrying weapons 'racists' without realizing that they were BLACKS. Daily Show as a regular material..­....
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