Monday, November 08, 2010

When is the US going to realize Syria is a Lost Cause?

I'm Jimmy Carter and I hate Jews more than you do!

Damascus is a wonderful ancient city. When I was there last, I was treated like semi-royalty, meeting with several ministers because I was the representative of Amoco Oil Co. at the time. The Oil Minister explained to me why Syria was such a dysfunctional country, and I was amazed that he spoke so freely, assuming that he was being bugged. However, he told me that there were five [5] intelligence agencies in Syria and that you could tell which one was tailing you by the license number and lettering on their black cars...! I swear I'm not making this up!

Bashar Assad is a figurehead who really doesn't control much of anything, unless things have changed recently. Since he's a mild-mannered opthalmologist from London, his British ways are off-putting, making one think he's civilized. However, he's a tool and has no character or steel in his spine.

The US still owes Syria ten times the 241 Marines killed in the Beirut tragedy in 1983 and for the American Embassy explosion in Beirut. But the sophomoric pinheads in this administration keep coming to their door for some sort of foreign policy alms.

Only the Israelis know how to treat the stinking piles of steaming dog-turds that run Syria.

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