Saturday, November 20, 2010

Podesta Calls for Bureaucratic Authoritarian Dictatorship

John Podesta once upon a time worked for me in a two-man storefront in Brooklyn when we were in the McCarthy campaign in 1968. I lost touch with him in the '80s. At the time, his brother Tony was the big enchilada in the McCarthy campaign & John just a nice young kid from Chicago.

Now he's in charge of American Progress and is calling for a variation on "Bureaucratic Authoritarian' Government. Google it. Brazil tried it in the sixties with disastrous results. Usually this happens in a stand-off situation, but has never occurred in a full-fledged highly developed democratic culture. Here's the treasonous theory:
Former President Bill Clinton’s chief of staff John Podesta, now the head of the Center for American Progress, called on President Obama to push forward with his agenda using federal agencies and executive branch power Tuesday, even though Democrats were dealt a blow in the recent midterm elections. Podesta said the American people want the president to move forward with his agenda.

“I think most of the conversation since the election has been about how President Obama adjusts to the new situation on Capitol Hill,” Podesta said. “While that’s an important conversation, it simply ignores the president’s ability to use all levels of his power and authority to move the country forward.”

Note Podesta's use of Clintonesque vocabulary since cast in concrete by and other far-left entities. "The American people want the president to move forward with his agenda" a huge lie, because the election demonstrated clearly that the electorate wanted to STOP the president, not rebuke him for not moving "forward" fast enough.

Podesta lives in the cloud-cuckoo-land of the ultra-left, Soros-financed 'American Process' back ward of American politics. Politics to these technocrats of the political inside baseball world is process, not substance, and vaunting victories over opponents, not accommodations with ridiculous exaggerations of the process, such as the monster health bill, 2600 pages of incomprehensible self-contradictory, economy-destroying nonsense obviously is.

Podesta is skirting unconstitutional activities if he means to shut the Congress out of law-making activities of the administrative variety. Podesta is simply regurgitating the doctrine of Cass Sunstein, a total freak who writes of animal representation in law courts and other beyond-new-age post-postmodern gibberish.

A well-educated guess is that Podesta wants to put the Republican House into the hedgehog "Do-Nothing Congress" Harry Truman inveighed against in 1948 and won an amazing come-from-behind victory. However, the agenda of Obama's butt-boys on the sinister port side of hell cares nothing of Madison's theory that a system of checks and balances might impede the rush toward statist dictatorship ala Venezuela or Cuba---to cite two very unsuccessful horror-show examples, or even try to get their most beloved application of Marxist values, the NorK one-man rule of the Jung-Il clan, morphed into America mutatis mutandis with free dope and other drugs for the true believers...!

No, Madison and Hamilton are Federalists of a different time and mode of thought and action. The frantic, hysterical, girly-man shrieking of the Podestas of the left have NOTHING in common with American values. Go to Russia and China to peddle your ridiculous ranter nonsense.

Not surprisingly, when the shoe was on the other foot in 2005, Podesta sang a completely different tune out of a completely different songbook:
“No one can doubt that President Bush, also, when he took office in 2001, made extensive use of his executive authorities,” Podesta said. “Sometimes I agreed with it, often I didn’t, but he was able to move the policy agenda forward using executive authority.”

In an April 2005 speech about the importance of checks and balances in government, however, Podesta opposed the president expanding his executive boundaries.

“I’m convinced that Americans want the president and the Congress to work together to ensure that judges who populate the federal bench and who serve with life tenure are highly qualified men and women whose views are within the constitutional mainstream,” Podesta said in the April 2005 speech, according to a transcript obtained by The Daily Caller. “The filibuster is a means towards that end. Why? Because it encourages presidents to consult with the Senate and to name moderate, mainstream nominees who will judge cases fairly and without bias, and who will have no difficulty garnering the votes of 60 senators that they need to be confirmed. By removing the safeguard offered by the filibuster, the nuclear option would seriously and perhaps irreparably damage an institution that has functioned since its inception under customs and traditions that ensure an atmosphere of careful deliberation and mutual respect.”

Again, not surprisingly, the bobbing and weaving Podesta refused to return The Daily Caller's requests to clarify his volte-face from 2005.

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