Thursday, November 25, 2010

Paks Demonstrate Muslim "Justice" by Executing a Christian Aid Worker

Asia Bibi, "Blasphemer"

Sandmonkeys are everywhere, and Fareed Zakaria should cease his sanctimonious pontifications against the US or I will come and club him to death with a pig's bladder---a suitable death by one of his fellow porcine trough wallowers. Asia Bibi should be pardoned or Zakaria should be chased out of the US for representing mindless barbarism at its worst.

The insane Muslim drive for infinite aggrandizement now is reaching the limits, or it should, of American patience. I suggest that India & the US both nuke Pakistan to absolute parking lot barrenness if the young woman is killed by a bunch of slavering drooling misfits under the banner of Islam.

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Peter Joseph said...

Wow, thats disgusting. Whats wrong with the world..