Friday, November 19, 2010

Sen Rockefeller Wants to ban Fox & MessNBC

Jay Rockefeller, easily the stupidest Senator on the Eastern USA Stuck-on-stupid chart, doesn't think Fox & MSNBC are quality news and wants the FCC to look into banning them.

Of course, Rockefeller is so unendingly stupid that he doesn't know that the FCC has no jurisdiction over cabal networks, only broadcast networks. Now if he wanted to have the FCC look at hare-brain Couric or nitwit-Williams, they're both on broadcast and would very much need to be fumigated at the very least.

However, Rockefeller is certainly off his meds, as the FIRST AMENDMENT happens to ensure that the USG can't banish a network.

However, i do agree with defunding NPR, a truly Nazi operation with the kind of statist biyotch crones who are silly enough to squawk that the government has no "right" to withdraw funding from a far-left wing operation. I look to NPR's days being numbered. And the way PMS crone Woodruff is starting to freak out on air, PBS shouldn't be far behind.

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