Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Lamestream Media Fights Back Against Palin

The pathetic creeps in DC have their agents combing the country to find dissent among Republicans re Sarah Palin and at last they hit the jackpot!
Alabama Rep. Spencer Bachus (R) told members of the South Shelby Chamber of Commerce that former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was probably the reason for the GOP's failure to take control in the U.S. Senate in last week's election.

Yes, the renowned Republican sage Cong. Bachus shared his thoughts with the South Shelby Chamber and of course, the Washington Post was there to trumpet the news to the nation. This great newspaper, I mean the Shelby County Reporter, of course, is a lodestar of sagacity and philosophical profundity, and the Washington Post does well to transmit its musings to the nation at large, and memeorandum is right to pick this up and push it even further.

Yes, it's come to that, folks, after Sarah punched a huge hole in the GOP and laid the Demonrats into a decade long depression---they will be a midget party after redistricting having lost 682 legislative seats across the state legislatures due to the Tea Party inspired in large part by Sarah Palin---the editorial board of the Washington Post is now picking up expertise from the Shelby County Reporter.

Who wouldda thunkitt?

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