Monday, November 08, 2010

Johnny Dollar Exposes Moron MadCow

My Real Name is Alice and I'm Nine Feet Tall

Rachel MadCow is a fraud:
Rachel Maddow gave a lengthy defense of the recently suspended Keith Olbermann that spent little time justifying his violation of NBC policy (undisclosed donations to Democratic candidates). Instead Ms Maddow sought to fog the issue by launching into a diatribe about the evils of...Fox News! She kicks it off with a laundry list of sins from ‘Fox News hosts’. Unfortunately, she cites example after example that have nothing to do with Fox! Hannity interviewing his pal John Gomez: Rachel doesn’t tell you this but that was on his radio show. Hannity endorses Kasich: radio. Beck helps Bachmann raise money: again, radio.

Maddow thinks she has a gotcha when she reveals that Sean Hannity headlined a Republican fundraiser. But then there’s this:
The Broomfield Democrats invite you to the Carter Dinner. This is the largest annual fundraising event for the party and this year's keynote will be given by MSNBC's Ed Schultz!
We hear a lot about Rachel Maddow, the great ‘journalist’, the Rhodes scholar. But she doesn’t know when hosts on her own channel are raising money for the Democratic party? The reason is simple: Maddow didn’t do any research. Her idea of journalism is to lift her facts straight from Media Matters, a partisan, agenda-driven website. Since Media Matters didn’t tell her about Schultz’s fundraising, Rip ‘n’ Read Rachel didn’t know about it.

Maddow hones in on Sarah Palin for her contributions and endorsements, inexplicably referring to her as a ‘Fox News host’. In fact, Palin is a contributor at FNC, just as Harold Ford Jr is a contributor at MSNBC. You know Mr Ford. He’s the guy who gave thousands to Dick Durbin (D), Barbara Boxer (D), Jack Conway (D), Kirsten Gillibrand (D), Steny Hoyer (D), and several other (D) candidates in the 2009-2010 cycle. Rachel gave him a pass, but to be fair, how could she have known? Media Matters didn’t tell her. Not to mention Howard Dean, contributor on CNBC who also serves as an analyst on MSNBC. He’s been busy raising money all over the place.

Maddow has a convenient out regarding Dr Dean: since he works for CNBC, he’s ‘not bound’ by the same rules, even though he appears regularly on MSNBC. But wait. If Dean’s political work is irrelevant because he doesn’t come under NBC rules, then why does Maddow spend all that time rattling off Media Matters talking points about people on Fox? They don’t come under NBC rules either! FNC allows its opinionators to make contributions because that’s what they are: opinionators. Like Sarah Palin. Or Harold Ford. On Fox News, journalists host election night coverage; opinionators don’t. On MSNBC Keith Olbermann makes secret donations and violates NBC policy, while hosting what is called a ‘news hour’ and anchoring coverage, including election night, of the very people he gave money to.

By the way, Olbermann writes for, and has raised money for, a website with this stated purpose:
This is a Democratic blog, a partisan blog....It's a Democratic blog with one goal in mind: electoral victory.
Nothing political there, right?

Rachel Maddow’s holier-than-thou smugness is best encapsulated in her claim that on Fox News, hosts allow fundraising for Republican candidates on the air. Ergo Fox is political, MSNBC isn’t. Ms Maddow’s examples of this happening on FNC? A grand total of: one. John Kasich, appearing on Hannity, gave out his website URL and encouraged donations. It’s the only example Maddow gave because it’s the one Media Matters cited. That’s called ‘journalism’.

What follows is the video Rachel Maddow doesn’t want you to see. In it you will find fundraising URLs spouted by guests and even by hosts. You’ll see on-air soliciations for everything from campaign volunteers to cold, hard cash. Presiding over it all: Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, and--yes--Rachel Maddow. We report, you decide:

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