Monday, November 08, 2010

TSA SEIU Thugs Act on Lez-Queen Napolitano's Orders to Harass Tea Party Pols

No, I'm Not Janet Reno, But I'm Just as Confused About My Sexual Identity; Now Stop and Let My Boys Grope You.

I enjoy my TSA SEIU Job Groping for Bombs

Janet Napolitano is a vicious SS type post-Gestapo Lez-Queen and she has her TSA thugs harassing Republican and Conservative bloggers as an evident clandestine policy priority. The pitiful Obama who called for a new tone of political dialogue instead inflicts morons like Holder and biyotch thugs like Napolitano on citizens to show them the limits of their individual "rights." A Demonrat Police State is right around the corner:
At the start of the year we highlighted the case of war reporter Michael Yon, who was interrogated without reason by TSA goons who demanded he give them his private email passwords. We also wrote about another case where Steve Bierfeldt, a Ron Paul Campaign For Liberty treasurer, was hounded and harassed by TSA agents for the crime of carrying cash and Ron Paul campaign material.

Maybe Congressman Issa can put TSA at the top of his investigation list, with the DoJ and its careless neglect of voter safety re: the New Black Panther Party right behind at the number two spot. But with all the Chicago-style corruption surrounding Obama, Issa will find it difficult to drain this swamp before 2012. And ever notice how many of the TSA employees are ESL types who bark orders in a Spanish accent so thick as to be sometimes incomprehensible? I have, at Palm Beach International Airport. The most corrupt county government in the USA might have something to do with this, but it could be a corrupt TSA too.

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