Monday, November 08, 2010

Hello and Goodbye, California, the Lindsay Lohan of States

Hi, I'm Gavin, and I'm Gay...!

Lindsay Lohan is the superbrat of Hollywood, a genuine biyotch who refuses to grow up and is destroying her career---wait, she already DID destroy her career.

California resembles Lohan and is the most CORRUPT and LOATHSOME collection of semi-human beings in the world, spoiled rotten. The rest of the US should put the Western Hemisphere's version of Greece on double-secret probation and at the first opportunity, SHUT IT DOWN.

Thank God we have a Republican House of Representatives that won't allow this reprobate of states any more smack. From now on, Jerry Brown is going to have to get his fix from somewhere else. And if they try to secede, it will be a choice between letting the imbecile leave and giving them the Civil War treatment these clowns deserve.

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