Sunday, October 10, 2010

Witch! Whore!...Nazi! The Old Media Appropriately Give Their Dying Gasp a Slimy Stinkbomb Sendoff...!

Lez Whore Kaptur Hating on Her Opponent Helped by Hate-Mag Atlantic

Ann Althouse has a great piece on the fake phoney BS the Atlantic's Joshua Green has sent up in a blog-piece called "Witch! Whore!...Nazi!'

Below is a comment that sums up the MSM sliminess in a comment by "Beta Rube" and my following remark:
"About 12 weeks before a major election, the media and Dems start their quest for menstrual synchrony. About 4 weeks before the election, the process is complete.

President Jesus puts the mouth on John Boehner, and lo and behold, he and his ties to lobbyists are on the front page of the NYT. The fact that Pelosi and Reid have both received more filthy lobbyist lucre is irrelevant here. When Jesus speaks, his scribes scribble.

One of these Sundays, 60 minutes will offer a damning, unproven bombshell about God knows what, complete with dramatic pauses and wounded women and children. Oh those heartless Repubs.

None of this matters this time. The Dems are going down and their asshole shills can't stop it.

Bye, Bye old media!"

Thank you, Beta Rube, for the best analysis of the 2010 media whore-streetwalker-mafioso-DNC meltdown yet. This short bit should be engraved in marble on the NBCBSABCNYT tombstones after they are thankfully interred in all but name during the next decade.

Can't come too soon for me! And here's a piece of rant I threw over the transom at the late and once-great NYT[The subject is an article on Nancy Pelosi saying that she is "resolute" because she insists that she will remain Speaker.]:
So Mark Leibovich believes she is resolute. I think a more candid and realistic assessment is that this woman is profoundly unaware of what's going on in 'flyover country,' which seems to be the case with a lot of the commenters on the NYT threads. You know, the people who insist that the rest of the country is 'living in a cocoon,' as NYT Op-Ed columnist Maureen Dowd commented a while back. The fact that over the last quarter century and more that around 40% of Americans are self-identified conservatives and less than 20% self-identified liberals or 'progressives,' appears not to register with the Pelosis and the Upper West Side victims of academicide and elitist media propaganda. Therefore, a concerted campaign can be waged by the mainstream media against GWB and liberals are enraged when Fox NEWS and the Wall Street Journal don't join in the mass hysteria. Which is what the election of an unexamined and frankly incompetent tyro or neophyte or rookie like Obama is turning out to be---mass delusion fueled by a media unable to examine itself and its own prejudices to such an extent that it is now self-destructing, as the NYT assault on the Tribune organization noted without, of course, recognizing that in a decade or so, the dead-tree NYT will probably be as extinct as the dodo. With the same reputation for sagacity as that long, lost flightless bird...!

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