Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Squalor by the Numbers---Read 'Em and Weep!

The US Treasury has this website where you can see how Obimbo and his orc-horde are raping the nation's banks and putting us all into perpetual penury:


Spending is under the control of Congress. Specifically the House of Representatives. So one needs to look at the changes in deficit under each political party's control. The above government website will set the record straight.

Democrat Control 1950 257,000,000,000
until 1994 4,692,000,000,000
Total Increase of 4,435,000,000,000

GOP Control 1994 4,692,000,000,000
Until 2007 8,506,973,899,215
Total Increase of 3,814,973,899,215

Democrat Control 2007: 8,506,973,899,215
Until Aug 2010: 13,449,652,537,035
Total Increase of: 4,942,678,637,820

Yes, Obimbo has put 5 trillion in debt on the books in less than two years. Pretty depressing, unless you are a freeloading hopeless dependent and want a nanny-state to keep you on the public tit forever.

In the last four years, a Democratic controlled congress has added more deficit (and only to 8/31/2010) than the entire 12 GOP years of recent history.

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