Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bye bye Miss American Pie

The Wall Street Journal now stands triumphantly over the land and allows itself a preliminary chortle at the foolish behavior of the Demonrats and their kind, the parasitic bloodsuckers who never started a business or met a payroll:
Perhaps Mr. Obama could have imposed more discipline on this crowd, and we advised him early to do so. He chose not to. We suspect he never wanted to, and multiple reports say he overruled then White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to side with Mrs. Pelosi on health care. Mr. Obama is responsible for lashing his Presidency to the Speaker's mast.

It's especially amusing to hear liberal complaints about the 111th Congress, because the reality is that Democrats have achieved most of what they set out to do. With only 40 Senate votes, Republicans couldn't stop a whisper until Mr. Brown arrived, and even then they let through financial reform and another round of stimulus spending. From her liberal perch, Mrs. Pelosi has a point when she laments that Democrats aren't getting credit for their legislative achievements. And our guess is that soon after November 2 the lads at MSNBC and the New York Times will speak of this as a liberal Golden Age and defend its every act.

That's my guess too as we shove off to friendlier shores for the real Americans homeland, the one behind the Golden Door of the statue of Liberty. Americans are a nation of individualists and were tricked into voting for a self-centered fool and his coven of bitch/witches, both male and female. I just watched the silly shit on Jon Stewart and he is an incorrigible fool. The WSJ expatiates on the subject of Pelosi, that insidious disease of the DEmonrat Machine Politics engendered in Baltimore and now rotting in SF. Hopefully, this botox bomb is the last female speaker we'll see in our lifetimes.
Mrs. Pelosi's real problem is with the American people. They understand what Democrats have achieved, and they dislike it. They thought they had elected a President who would focus on the economy, but instead they got the most far-reaching liberal social policies since the 1960s. Those policies have frightened business and produced a capital and hiring strike. Americans were told the $814 billion stimulus would hold the jobless rate below 8%, but two years later it is 9.6% and the economic recovery has stalled. They were promised fiscal restraint, and instead they got spending at a postwar high of 25% of GDP. They were told ObamaCare would lower insurance costs, but so far it has produced only higher costs and fewer health-care choices. They were promised a tax cut, but they can see tax increases coming next year, in 2013, and later to pay for all the spending. This is what has driven the electorate to the verdict it will render on Tuesday. The irony is that the Democrats most likely to lose next week are centrists and Blue Dogs in the most competitive election districts. Most liberals hold relatively safe seats, and their worst fear is that they'll lose their chairmanships. The exception is Mrs. Pelosi, who would lose her speakership and perhaps resign if Democrats lose their majority. But we suspect she has long believed that losing was possible but worth the risk to pass ObamaCare. You have to break a few careers to make a European entitlement state.

More in sadness than in anger, the WSJ, now the most paid-for circulation newspaper in the USA and perhaps the world, looks back on the last 45 years:
The larger lesson is that we are learning for the fourth time in 45 years that America can't be governed from the left. Democrats exploited the recession and the accident of 60 Senate seats to push the agenda of their dreams, and the American public has recoiled at the effrontery and the results. Repairing the damage of the 111th Congress will take years, and perhaps decades, but the first step is ousting the liberals who once again drove their party off a cliff.

I don't know if he's smart enough to figure it out, but the current POTUS had better get his act together or he'll go the way of Jimmy Carter, eternally ragging about how good his four years in office was and how he is the greatest of our presidents.

Pass the popcorn.

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