Friday, October 29, 2010

Raving After Krugboy Shits His Pants

My Pants are Leaking Brown!

Take a look at the comments page of the NYT after Krugman's latest fart in the bath. A bunch of paranoid lefties convinced that everything happening in the 2010 midterms was caused by evil GOP plots, and none of the fucktards considering for a moment that the Tea Partiers are not a part of the Republican Party, but rather vice versa, and that Demonrat libtards are the maggots in the meat. An obnoxious bitch named Aileen in North Carolina whines about the "extreme right teabag crowd" without realizing that she's using an obscene metaphor. Only John Kerr from San Francisco has a good answer to the nutjobs wailing and tearing their garments who infest that ragged fishwrap's comment page:
What a load of rubbish. Other countries are starting to recover without spending like sailors. People outside as well as inside need to have some confidence in US finances and the Dollar. Who would want to invest in the United States of Krugman? No one. Deflation is okay if it pertains to over-priced land and housing. Young people can actually aim to buy a home.
US problems long term are due to losing the race to educate our population and sending the best brains to Wall Street jobs that produce nothing. Our political leaders have wasted all the money that should have been set aside for retirements. Look north and you will find some pensions that actually have real assets instead of worthless IOUs. Our capital markets and technical innovators are our strengths and we need to rebuild confidence in our national solvency and stop penalizing success. And we have to stop listening to 20th century economists who never worked for or managed a business.

As for Krugman, here is the best riposte I've seen recently in the blogosphere re a cockamamie Nobel as moronic as Obama's.

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