Thursday, October 07, 2010

Tone-Deaf Obama Whines the GOP is Ignoring its own Pledge

This clown is even thicker than I thought.

This is the jug-eared tone-deaf POTUS at his tone-deaf worst. Does he see any Demo-rats bragging about his own administration's "accomplishments" like the 60% UNPOPULAR health care abomination/fiasco? Only Sen. Feingold who's getting his "lean-forward" behind paddled by a political unknown whose motivation for running was ObamaCare, pure and simple. Feingold started way in front, started touting ObamaCare and is now TWELVE POINTS BEHIND.

The MSM has buried the pledge, being stenographers for the MSM, most of America knows this according the Gallup, and this low-IQ POTUS thinks HE understands why. What a silly fool, pure and simple. The GOP doesn't need the "pledge" to whup his ass, and the butts of the Demo-rats. His first two years are enough for the Repubs to remind voters of, and another drop in employment numbers, which Gallup predicts the "official" numbers will be cooked down to below 10%, puts this guy over the magic 10-level, after PROMISING unemployment wouldn't go above 8% if Congress gave him the Porkulus Package.

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