Monday, October 11, 2010

Drew Stews as GOP Brews New Way to Stymie Ancient Crones

These aren't my real teeth, and I broke every set of braces, now I wash my teeth with lye to get off the potty mouth feeling

Extinct Fossil Re-emerges as Drew whines almost interminably [even in about four paragraphs, they're just that hard to read without gagging] about why the 'liberals' shouldn't desert the Chosen Won---you know, Obimbo the Charismatic Golfer.

The dreary cackling of this ancient termagant is the most recent example of how the brain-dead DC zombies from the past drone on even though they've been dropped by semi-respectable lib publications and remain entombed in some sort of eternal recurrence of a dial tone. Drew is absolutely clueless as to why the Independents and Republicans are almost en masse rejecting the ObamaCare debacle and all his pomps and works. Except for the black urban plantations, his standing among Hispanics is sliding, well, southward. And Drew, even though she must be approaching the century mark, still cannot write a sentence out of the narrow Dem party-hack shill-talk that emanates from the White House Press Corps.

But why read my rant when James Taranto puts this extinct fossil back into the museum of natural history, in this case, un-natural, where she belongs?

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