Thursday, October 14, 2010

Joe 'Plugz & Gnashers' Ready to Run in 2016!!!

No, I don't Have My Head Screwed On Backwards!

The Telegraph's Tony Harnden has relieved America of an immense burden of worry. Joe Biden said:
“No, I won’t. I won’t rule that out. No,” .... when he was asked if he would rule out a 2016 presidential run.

I for one will not have any sleepless nights knowing that 'Good Ol' [Very Ol'] Joe' will be at the end of the Obama tunnel even if it's onjly 2012. Walter Mondale is in the same frame of mind. Heeeeeere's FRITZ!
“He seems to understand working people, he’s got the ethnic background, he puts a lot of emphasis on his faith and his family, and people are comfortable with him.”

Tony Harnden does a nasty turn on Mondale, sadly denigrating this elder statemen whose rocklike integrity earned him the name "The Human Windmill" in an age before flip-flops!
Walter Mondale?! The man who was Jimmy Carter’s veep and lost every state in the union except for Minnesota in 1984? The man who went on to lose in, er, Minnesota in a 2002 Senate race even though the incumbent Democrat, Paul Wellstone, had just been killed in a plane crash and there was an outpouring of grief and appreciation for him? Blimey, I think I’d rather have Osama bin Laden saying nice things about me.
Note, by the way, Mondale’s comment about Biden’s “ethnic background”. Nice point, eh? The Democrats need a white guy in certain parts of the country. Good thing a Republican didn’t say that.

Tony sums up my feeling exactly about the flakey hypocrisy that the Demonrats live and move and have their being inside of.

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