Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Fudge from the Factory

LA Times which Crooks & Liars asserts isn't really a liberal newspaper [!?!] has a few of my protestations, including this one below:
Someone should tell Axelrod that the documentation on the US Chamber of Commerce's foreign contributors is right next to Obama's long-form birth certificate---whereever that is. Obama is a narcissistic and self-destructive egoist, as the campaign reveals as he takes time off from his golf outings [52 so far] to lavish his charisma and love lather on us poor mortals eager to glimpse The Won. And he attacks big business, small business, banks, and the rich in a class-warfare scenario straight out of Das Kapital. As soon as he reveals where all of those credit card donations in 2008 came from, maybe he'll have the credibility to assert that the US Chamber is out of bounds. But since the "International Brotherhood" unions and SEIU are full of foreign-garnered cash and are giving to the Democrats in bundles, maybe he ought to STFU...!

One poster to the LAT noted that UBS is registered as donating over $1 million to the Obama campaign in '08. Ever wonder how many more slipped by under the radar undetected? I think that the Republicans should be taking names and noting where some of these malfeasant Dems live, and start committee hearings right after their election in 2010. But odds are that Boehner won't want to "project a negative image" and will once again, let the Dems escape from the noose. Too bad the Dems didn't do the same with Nixon, who at least was a sincere patriot, whatever else his weaknesses might have been. Not a child-molesting pedophile, like lib-hero Daniel Ellsberg who is now staining PBS & the NYT on forums late in the evening. Ellsberg used to send Polaroid snaps of himself and 10-year old Thai boys from Bangkok to my FSO boss in France, who served with him in Saigon. I guess Jill Abramson is a poor second-string nowadays to his glory days---Dannie-boy must have had quite a dossier that Nixon was after when Ellsberg's shrink's office was broken into...! My main crime in the 'Nam was Tu Do Street and the steam & cream in Vinh Long. And Joe McCarthy was sincerely going after Communists, not American businessmen.

If Obama had any shame, he'd have checked out long ago. Still waiting for all those records of his campaign to be made available...

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