Saturday, July 31, 2010

Were Bradley Manning & Daniel Ellsberg Both Sexual Identity Pervs?

Gawker posits the weirdness of Pfc Manning. TNR's Marty Peretz has this interesting turn of phrase in his condemnation of Ellsberg, the psycho perv:
I recognize the importance of Ellsberg's turning. After all, he had been in the small Washington entourage of Robert McNamara and later in the Vietnam circle of Edwin Landsdale. He was an obsessive, of course. And an obsessive on both sides of the issue. The sudden arrival of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and his documents immediately reminded me of Ellsberg, who in very short order also arrived from wherever he was and whatever he was doing to inform us that Assange also reminded him of himself. And, of course, Pfc. Bradley Manning was hovering in the background with his leak of a rocket attack in Afghanistan. While drawing distinctions, Ellsberg relates the two others to himself.

Ellsberg and Manning may be two huge warning signs not to hire sexual deviants. While the Gawker post is only suggestive, I have memories of my time in the State Department when I served with a fellow who was in the Landsdale inner circle in Vietnam and got to become friends with Ellsberg [I am keeping his name anonymous, as he was and in some circles still is a well-known public figure] This highly reliable friend told me he got to know Ellsberg so well that from time to time he would get envelopes with Polaroid photos from Ellsberg, who spent a lot of time in Bangkok and who more than once would send my colleague Polaroid snaps of Danny-boy himself with Thai boys less than ten years old. Ellsberg seemed to be proud of his "conquests," an attitude which the senior USG official related to me with open disgust.

Ellsberg was sort of like those "Streakers" of that era who would run naked across college campuses, including the University of Michigan where I studied from '66 to '69. Proud of his perversion. And an inveterate attention-seeker, as Marty P so subtlely hints at!

Assange also looks as though he might be a gender-conflicted type, but in this case both Ellsberg, whose psychiatrists' records should have been subpoenaed rather than stolen by Nixon plumbers, and Manning who is a run-of-the-mill confused young tranny-in-the-making, as one Gawker phrase speculates, are both evidence of the hazards of letting pervs into the senior levels of the US government. John Foster Dulles is probably laughing with justification as an attention-whore like Ellsberg once more tries to get into the Hollyweird/academia/MSM good graces and maybe get the klieg lights on his sorry self one more time.

And the Demonrats just suck this sort of shit up and call it Hershey bars!

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