Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baghdad Bob Gibbs As Stupid as Harry Reid?

A couple weeks back, Harry Reid demonstrated why he should keep his mouth shut. He explained how Ford Motors workers should be grateful for the USG bailout last year. Of course, Ford had managed its business well, and didn't need union jobs to be saved by government intervention---indeed, a bankruptcy might have been better for GM to get them away from their bloated bureaucracy and gigantic mob of union layabouts. Maybe they should emulate Japanese automakers stateside and avoid unions, which are parasitic to a company's profit margins. But yesterday, Obama's clueless oaf of a spokesboy showed how stupid he is by calling out Rush Limbaugh on the issue:
“I’ll let those that sat in the cheap seats a year-and-a-half ago and wanted to walk away” from a milion workers, he continued, “explain to every one of those workers why they made that decision.”

Finally, he wrapped it up: “And then you should ask Mr. Limbaugh — I don’t know what kind of car he drives, but I bet it’s not an F-150.”

The F-150 truck, we should note, is made by Ford, which didn’t get federal rescue funds.

Gibbs shows on a daily basis why Obama is going to be a one-term wonder.

And explaining to the clueless reporters what Rush was actually getting at, which would entail scaling back union-stuffed payrolls through Chapter 11 would be beyond Gibbs ability to explain and the reporters' ability to comprehend.
UPDATE: RUSH responds:
“Gibbs launched into me. You know, folks, I don’t like talking about myself. You are well aware of this. I find it, with this regime, next to impossible. They’re always out attacking me, and Gibbs did yesterday on my remarks about the Obama Volt. We’re going to bury Gibbs today. “
“So Robert Gibbs says ‘Rush Limbaugh and others wanted to walk away.’ We didn’t want to walk away. In fact, I was spokesman for General Motors at the time Obama took over the company. You all remember. They were giving us cars every month — a different kind of car, General Motors products to test drive — and we were driving them around and recommending them.”
“The domestic automobile manufacturers have been forced to design and make cars that fewer and fewer people wanted because the environmentalist wackos had taken control of the regulatory agencies at the federal government — and now, what does Gibbs do? To go out and defend the administration’s car companies, you have to come out and attack me.”
“So you want to buy a Volt, you go right ahead. I am not trying to discourage sales of the product. I’m not trying to be harmful at all, except to this administration. I am trying to expose this administration for what it is and who they are.”
“The Chevrolet Volt is a political statement. When President Obama is driving around in a limousine that has every protection and has the same weight that his current gasoline-powered limousine has and when it’s powered by a battery, then I’ll think about it.”

Gibbs stinks up the entire WH message, so if Obama takes Rush's advice, BHO should bury him. And BHO should get a limo that runs on batteries, or else he remains Stephen Q. Urkel in my POV.

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