Sunday, July 25, 2010

Douchebag Ed Schultz whines that Obama Gives Fox Interview instead of Himself

That pile on the top of my head is what I use for brains!

Schultz attended the whine-basting in Las Vegas when he disgraced himself thus:
Mr. Moulitsas was preceded by Ed Schultz, the liberal host who appears daily on MSNBC. He divided his speech between appeals to liberals to "stick it" to "ruthless, callous, rotten-to-the core Republicans" and raging about his disappointment with the Obama administration. "The White House has a war room. I think they have a sissy room too," he told attendees. At times he sounded like a spurned suitor. "I busted my ass for Obama," he said. "He don't come to Ed, he goes [and gives an interview] to Bret Baier on Fox News in my time slot."

Mr. Schultz charged that the Obama administration wasn't using progressive media effectively. "I thought our network did a hell of a job fighting for health care," he revealed, but mournfully admitted: "[The Obama White House] reacts to Fox, they don't go to us. . . . We're not winning right now, got to change some plays here."

Maybe Obama might have done a Schultz interview if this thuggish union hack had more than a couple dozen viewers!

Also, besides having about 100 times the viewership of the MSNBC hack, Baier is actually a good fair and balanced news journalist while Schultz is a blowhard liberal fascist with a brainectomy problem. Like the rest of MSNBC's third-rate, minor league ranters, the evening slots there are lucky if they get one-fifth the FOXNEWS viewers---except for Schultz, who would be one-fiftieth.

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