Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Gaffe-Prone Biden Blames Bush for Iraq Victory---Oops!

I'm an A**hole, and you can bet I'll stay an A**hole!

Sorry, the silliest VP since Dan Quayle actually congratulated Obama for winning the war in Iraq, or some such humbuggery. Stupid is as stupid does, and Biden simply opens his mouth to accomplish his goal of looking like a fool. People with memories that go back to 2007 remember traitorous words from Dingy Harry and a long shot fucktard named Obama saying he was proud of having been against the Iraq Cobra II operation.
Of course this skinny little mutt had not yet been elected to an office, merely elevated by Illinois Chicago-style graft and corruption to a State Senate seat whose campaign funding records for TWO, [2], campaigns still remain "lost." Just like Daley's mind.

Joe supported the war before he was against it before he was for it again, following his guru John Kerry, a Viennese Jew-boy who betrayed his fellow soldiers by calling them rapists and other treasonous calumnies. At least Obama only switched once, but Biden, like a perfect lying fool, reminds us of Napoleon's dictum that "The Italians never finish a war on the same side that they started it on, except on the rare occasions that they switch sides twice."

Perfect fool Biden has switched sides twice, making him the perfect guinea fool that his parents would be ashamed of.

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