Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Krugman Lies on NYT Op-Ed Page [This Time on Climate-Warming Hoax Fraud

He used to be Rove, but now he's Rahm-bo!

James Taranto thrashes phony Nobel, ex-Enron Advisor Paul Krugboy, and from the redness of Pauly-boy's bottom, it appears that no more heat need be applied to this fake perfesser's feet.

Paul Krugman delivers the good news that 2010 is "the year in which all hope of action to limit climate change died." Needless to say, he thinks this is bad news, but that's not why we're highlighting his column in yesterday's New York Times. Instead, it is for this passage:
You've probably heard about the accusations leveled against climate researchers--allegations of fabricated data, the supposedly damning e-mail messages of "Climategate," and so on. What you may not have heard, because it has received much less publicity, is that every one of these supposed scandals was eventually unmasked as a fraud concocted by opponents of climate action, then bought into by many in the news media
Now, it would be one thing for Krugman to argue--wrongly, in our opinion--that the "supposedly damning e-mail messages of 'Climategate' " were not actually damning. But no one has denied that they are genuine. Krugman's description of them--and every other accusation "leveled against climate researchers"--as "a fraud concocted by opponents of climate action" is flatly false.

Read the rest of Taranto's emasculation of this pathetic thimblewit, and remember the good news that the NYT is hemorrhaging paid circulation by about 8-9% per year---pretty soon Krugboy and Chuckie Blow & other flatulent a$$holes on the Op-Ed page will have to look elsewhere to peddle their poisoned pablum---including the unctious ninny, David Brooks, a personification of how spectacularly silly this self-described "center-right" person can be when he allows us for one moment to see his inner confusion.

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