Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tabriz Demonstrates Fraud in Iran Election.

The New York Times is on the side of the forces of light, but CNN is totally silent, comparatively speaking, as Iran teeters on the brink of a mini-Tienanmen Square moment.

Not hard to figure out why CNN is eyeless and clueless on Iran. Christiane Amanpour wants to preserve her access to the autocratic theocrats and doesn't want her colleagues at CNN to undermine her own personal career. And the clueless eff-up named J. Klein running the CNN third-rate operation goes along with his Iranian "expert" in ignoring what might be a huge story. The fact that the so-called "Election Commission" gave Ahmadinnerjacket a 50% victory in Tabriz, capital of Azeri Iran [Moussavi is an Azeri] shows that these anti-democratic functionaries don't even know how to steal an election! Tabriz has been a center against anti-hardline Ahma-dinnerjacket for years and I wonder if the whole city is not ready to defect to its northern neighbor whose capital is Baku.

Stalin annexed Tabriz after WWII and was only with difficulty forced to disgorge this ethnic enclave of Azerbaijan. Why not make a move to go northward? I know this is pie-in-the-sky, but it possibly represents a majority of the Tabriz population's inner wishes.

UPDATE: Sunday afternoon at the gym, I did notice Amanpour reporting on the violent aftermath of the stolen election, so perhaps it was logistics rather than an editorial decision that CNN was late out of the starter's box.

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