Sunday, June 14, 2009

Phony LeBron/Kobe Ads Scored by Los Angeles Times

Nike's ads with ridiculous puppets obviously influenced by retarded over-the-hill Spike Lee celebrate LeBron with a little kid puppet asking him for tickets to the Finals.

Does Nike have even a quarter of a brain? Doesn't this premature ejaculation of a campaign stink like Sh*T, based on a faulty Cleveland Cavs team and a spoiled-brat entitlement fraud of a superstar who stalked off the court and whined about being "beaten up" after having basked in adulation for months by a fawning press?

LeBron is now officially outed as a creepy spoiled p.o.s.

Even the Los Angeles Times kinda hints at it, though the fact that this town can't even support an NFL franchise demonstrates its truly second-rate status in the world of professional sports.

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