Monday, June 22, 2009

ABC Nightly News Says Miami hit 105 Degrees [Actually it was 97!]

Again and again we are reminded that in the last 11-12 years, since 1998 at any rate, temperatures on average are going steadily downward, yet we see airhead "weather reporters" like Anne Thompson of NBC say exactly the opposite is happening on network news, after in Anne's case a breathless introduction by Bowin' Brian Williams concerning a pronunciamento by the Obama White House on curtailing the "global warming" hoax.

Tonight, the ABC-TV 2AM news broke with a breathless story on weather across the USA wreaking havoc in an unprecedented fashion, and among its temperatures was a verbally-announced 105 degrees for Miami.

Living in Boca, the temp was around 95 peak this afternoon, the hottest day of the year so far. The temp in Miami never is more than one or two degrees hotter as it is only 40 miles south of Boca Raton.

My guess is that the resident room-temp IQ "meteorologist," a blonde prettyboy named "Sam Champion" [possibly a pseudonym as David Letterman's was when he started out as a weatherboy?], has got the talking-head "anchors" on the After Late Night News trained to just read what the AP or whatever national news source ups the temp in Miami 8 degrees.

Lying about the local temps almost 10% upward sure gives the MSM another rung on the ladder to weather mystification 101, the BIG LIE needed to sell the "Anthropogenic Global Warming Hoax" to millions of mouth-breathing slackjaw libtards out there in TV land. Almost all with a public school education, so their critical thinking faculties are completely undeveloped.

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