Monday, June 08, 2009

Snow in June in NDakota & Kofi "Rwanda" Annan Lies to us all

Kofi Annan rose to the top of the UN hierarchy after causing the genocide in Rwanda to worsen due to his absolute incompetence as UN Chief of African operations, making him primus inter pares among the faineants at the top of this International Joke---plus he was black so he would be next in the entitlement queue that passes for promotion in this diseased NGO.

An ICCC meeting in DC had no press coverage as it promoted the skeptics' point of view on Anthropogenic Global Warming, the one that the official UN version calls "deniers" in the new religion of what Richard Feynman called "Cargo Cult Science." You remember Feynman, the fellow who told NASA that its estimate that the Space Shuttle would fail every 100,000 trips was off by many orders of magnitude. Feynman predicted one in every 50 launches and so far is right on target with 2 in the first 100 Space Shuttle launches. Of course, the UN IRCC was behind Political Impostor Kofi's bogus publication.

By coincidence, NASA is the chief progenitor of the AGW hoax currently infecting a diseased and corrupt political religious sect called the Democrat Party. Al Gore, whose highest mark in college in science was a D+ is the high priest of the political side of which astronaut-killing NASA is the scientific guru.

Get the connection???
UPDATE re El Buffo Gordo Gore: "Two points:1. Money and 2. Power.
Money: Who stands to profit from the new "Global Warming Religion"? When Al Gore left office he had a net worth of around two million dollars. Now he is worth over $100 million! Its time for everyone to wake up and see this fantasy for what it is; a new source of tax advantaged money for the Leftist Political Class.

Power: If the Socialist can replace our Private Sector controlled Petroleum Based Energy Economy with a Government Based "Green Energy" based economy, they will pretty much control all our lives from cradle to grave.

This is what they want: Money and Power."

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