Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Dutch Treat for Taliban While Yglesias Thinks NorKs equal Abu Gharaib

"Dumb Dutchman" is a byword in my home state in the upper Midwest, but Joanie van Rijke is the dumbest Dutchwoman walking the earth today.

American Renaissance calls the Dutch Girl's behavior indicative of the "Pre-Captivity Stockholm Syndrome" psychosis afflicting the Eurotard Left.

Joanie is just an undereducated ditz who expands the meaning of the term "Dutch Treat" to its outer limits and beyond.

Her story is pitiful. After letting them know that she would write friendly articles, this naive nymphette was kidnapped after seeking out the Taliban, held in a cave for six months, raped repeatedly by a fellow who had three wives already and suggested that she join his harem. She was released only after a ransom of 100K Euros was paid to her captors. Coming out of her seclusion, this sad little nympho claims the Taliban treated her "with respect and are not monstors." [GWB in Gitmo, I suspect, would be this mental case's definition of a monstor.]

Matt Yglesias has a Harvard education, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, and represents how corrupt are the impostors in the American "intellectual class," formerly called the intelligentsia before that got eliminated by Yglesias allies like Joe Stalin & Mao & Pol Pot et al...

These JournoList cabal boys are simply undereducated in the liberal arts, except in those arts of disinformation & conveying leftist propaganda which suit their obvious agenda. Apparently they have no sense of values outside their narrow slice of the political spectrum which is infrared on the European red for left, blue for right color scale [or ultraviolet on the US inverted scale, which happened with the connivance of the Rather/Jennings/Brokaw troika of leftist droogs in the network nineties before cable squashed the nets.] Comparing North Korea and Abu Gharaib is comparing the Holocaust with one of those atrocity stories of a unit gone temporarily amok as happened frequently during World War II. Indeed, in WWII, armed partisans without uniforms were summarily shot, not incarcerated in prison camps and given lawyers as the US has done at Gitmo.

Yglesias is one more example of how the left simply allows murderous socialists like Mugabe, Castro, Kim Jung Il, [formerly] Saddam, and Chavez to run free and clear of any moral scrutiny by the "gatekeepers" who micromanage the American political elites' perspective on foreign policy. The JournoList cabal hates Israel because of the Likud & likes Iran & Syria because of the statist controls these ruthless anti-democracies maintain over their populations.

It's what these Fifth Column JournoList types would like to do to American capitalism---destroy it by a thousand cuts. Yglesias is a perfect product of the mental fudge factory that turns out libtards by the thousands.

The Leftist Elitist Flimflam Factory is represented in part by the NYT, JournoList bloggers, and the Obamaniacs in the NBC/CBS Groupthink Mental Deathcage. [Bowin' Brian Williams e.g., but Katie also scrapes & plucks the hem of The Won's robe. Has-been Evan Thomas suffers from progeria of the brain when he calls Obama "God," apparently believing himself dead and gone to socialist heaven].

Any comparison between Abu Gharaib and the slaughter by famine of two million Koreans while Billy Jeff Clinton flirted with NorKs using Madeleine Albright's twaddle and waddle to seduce them in person---that is as delusional as Jimmy Carter's 1994 free-lance diplomacy with the NorKs which forced Billy Jeff to strike a horrible bargain, paying them to shut down a plutonium plant they no longer used and would be shut down anyway. Madeleine was the worst Sec'y of State ever, and that includes Warren Christopher.

James Earl Carter defines the outer limits of delusion---though Yglesias & his JournoList crew are urging Obama to inch toward that precipice that the Carter legacy has plunged from and Jimmy's cred continues to plummet as he concocts new anti-Semitic versions of his hatred for Israel.

Amb. Bolton once again predicted that this is what would happen.

Finally, I suggest we send Fat Al Gore whose network foolishly sent the two women to NorK over to negotiate. Fat Al could use several years of manual labor to work off his own enormous delusions and a bit of avoirdupois at the same time.

Lenin observed that useful idiots come in all shapes, sizes and genders, but even he probably couldn't have imagined the mental gymnastics that Global Citizens like Yglesias, van Rijke, and Gore perform to advance the destruction of individualism and freedom of thought.

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