Friday, June 19, 2009

Obama a Deer in Headlights as Iran, North Korea Resemble "Axis of Evil" All over Again

Obama is showing his sophomoric foreign policy skills as he sends out nitwits like Time's Joe Klein to argue that doing nothing is better than "interfering" and "meddling" which suck-up Klein claims that "all Iranians" think the US would be doing if it offered moral support to the dissidents after a manifestly stolen election.

Henry Meyer's article above is the best short analysis of the consequences that The Supreme Leader faces after prematurely ordering the Election Commission to throw the vote to Ahmedinejad, who now thrashes about claiming "foreign interference" is behind the outrage Khamenei spurred by not waiting the necessary three days to actually count the vote.

Now that Rafsanjani, head of the Council of Guardians, the only body that could possibly evict The Supreme Leader, has thrown down the gauntlet on Moussavi's behalf after Khamenei, who is an ancient enemy of Moussavi's, panicked & soiled his underwear after preliminary returns had Moussavi, an ethnic Azeri, running far ahead in various parts of the country, including Tehran.

The constitutional structures of the so-called Islamic Republic, in reality a theocracy supported by Brownshirt thuggish paramilitary goons called Basiji, the young rural religious militia that also serves as Ahmedinejad's power base, are still supporting The Supreme Leader. The armed and nasty Basiji resemble the Hamas zealots in Gaza and the Hezbollah nutjobs in Lebanon, recently thwarted in relatively fair elections largely overlooked by the western press [except for an absurd state-media hack named Hertzberg in The New Yorker, who credited Obama, of all people, for inspiring Lebanon's heartfelt rejection of religious thuggery.]

Sadly, Nicolas Sarkozy is demonstrating true testicular and spinal vigor in his support of the forces of democracy and freedom. France is now led by a Ronald Reagan while the USA has a re-run of the dithering indecisive Jimmy Carter in the Rose Garden.

My guess is that he's plucking the petals from a daisy to discover which way US foreign policy should lean in Iran.

And of course, in the meantime, Kim Jung Mentally-Il is sending an armed missile ship to attack Hawaii on the Fourth of July.

Sharks in the water always respond to the thrashing about of weak and wounded prey.

And Kim Jung Mentally-Il still thanks Jimmy Carter for supporting him versus Bill Clinton in the 1990's, while he was starving 2 million NorK slave-serfs to death in his tiny abbreviated Gulag Archipelago of a country.
UPDATE: The New York Times has an interesting Op-Ed that refutes enemies of US interests in Iran such as Hertzberg and Klein. Klein parachutes into Iran & is an instant expert?

Foreign Policy Mag has a list of the wonderful leadership guys like Hertzberg & Klein believe Obama shouldn't "meddle" with.

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