Friday, June 05, 2009

Gallup Shows Cheney more Favorable Votes than Pelosi

Pelosi is becoming a byword for empty-headed chronic ditzy moves. My personal favorite was a couple of years ago when this Italian-American actually thought the Democratic slogan for the national elections should be "Contract On America." Yeah, and that's coming true so far as herself, Reid, and Obama are destroying the fabric of American life as surely as a mafia hit man makes his bones.

Perhaps this is a signal that the American people are now beginning to pay attention to what lies behind the unceasing propaganda of the liberal left, which includes the networks, especially Bowing Brian & Kiss-Up Katie, bashing Cheney at every turn for lies and insinuations about attacks on the Constitution. Compared to standard-issue methods of interrogation in the Middle East, waterboarding is NOT torture. And if it was done on Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11 and personal murderer of Daniel Pearl, I personally would like to administer it myself.

More to the point, Cheney has been the object of ceaseless attacks which are dishonest and unmerited. Nancy Pelosi on the other hand has been idolized by the knuckle-dragging morons on the non-Fox cable networks and the Bowing Brian/Kiss-Up Katie networks.

So it's beginning to sink in that Nancy is really way above her skill set in the House, and Harry Reid parenthetically is a total joke in the Senate. Obama's IQ is probably the equal of both of his colleagues, but his moves so far to improve the economy are going to result in Carter-style 10& inflation and 20% interest rates before long.

Hopefully by 2010, so we can have a realignment of forces in the House and Senate to remove the current clowns from endangering our way of life any further.

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