Tuesday, June 02, 2009

NPR & Obambi Ignore Terrorist Jihadist Murder of US Army Recruiter

Obama is too busy talking about Iran's right to go nuclear [despite having the world's largest natural gas reserves and no energy need for atomic energy] to notice or comment on the murder of a Little Rock Army recruiter by a jihadist Yemen-trained terrorist.

Nor does NPR think the religious "orientation" of the Islamist terrorist important.

At the same time, a creampie-fanny buffoon rants about "Christianist" murder of an infanticide mass murderer, supported by a nasty beotch recently named Sec of HEALTH!

Jeffrey Goldberg calls it "Death by Euphemism." I'd call it moral [political] cowardice by Obambi and the death of journalism by a statist socialist publically-owned propaganda network.

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