Saturday, June 20, 2009

EuroModel Rejected by Voters---in Europe!!

The Wall Street Journal notes the trend in Europe towards center-right politicos continues. Of course, here in the USA, a foam-at-the-mouth press and nutjob House & Senate temporarily with a minute Democrat majority are heaving leftward while Republicans/Conservatives/Libertarians regroup and clamber up the masts to reset the sails in 2010.

I first noticed the Euro-right trend a couple of years back when Sweden, of all countries, elected its first non-socialist government in more than 50 years. Something to do with immigrants assassinating their Prime Minister? [Which happened in the last Millenium, but the Swedes are pretty slow to catch up].

More seriously, the Left is still firmly in the driver's seat, except in small jurisdictions, because the Left institutionalizes its "reforms" which rapidly turn into new and less accountable centers of corruption. Had the French an oil-based energy system rather than wisely centering its largest resources into hydro and nuke energy, the economy would be worse off than it is with over 50% of personal "income" diverted to taxes, pre-emptively in France since no one actually files honest returns, so VATs and other imposts on lower income folks are the order of business. And the elites make their money [Lyon in the '70s had the highest per capita ownership pct. of any city in the world, all hidden in garages in the chateaux-suburbs and rarely seen on the streets of the grande ville] and avoid their taxes as they do in other countries with political elites largely serving a dirigiste model.

The Statists already control the EU and the individual countries, so the current reversion might be more of a death kick on a populace suspended on a gallows rather than a complete turnaround.

Meanwhile, in the USA the Democrat hangmen & ladies are preparing our population for the same suspension of liberties that the Euro-pendus have suffered for decades....

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