Monday, March 31, 2008

Zucker as Charming as Gum on Your Shoe

Jeff Zucker is the self-absorbed narcissistic bald dwarf in charge of politicizing NBC to the left of Trotsky. He was just on TV making insider jokes that assume anyone watches his fourth-rate TV broadcast network. Ad Age opines:
No doubt, NBC thought this would be hilarious, goofball, even charming. But here's the thing Hollywood writers and New York media suits don't get: The average Joe doesn't give a whit about the media business, and self-referential jokes that promote advertisers and corporate synergy will -- at least I predict they will -- fall flat.

Leftists like Zucker are completely devoid of self-knowledge or any perspective other than the inside of their cocoons. This guy needs intervention to be persuaded to rejoin the human race.

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