Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's Over, and Hillary Won't Leave

The Hill has a piece based on what the reality-based centrists can divine and only superannuated crones, shrews, and philanderers [The Bubba who called a combined ticket "An Unstoppable Force or Farce?] The longer the Clintons prolong their agony of defeat, the more certain John McCain's election will be. Let's cut to reality:

The results are already clear. Obama will go to the Democratic Convention with a lead of between 100 and 200 elected delegates. The remaining question is: What will the superdelegates do then? But is that really a question? Will the leaders of the Democratic Party be complicit in its destruction? Will they really kindle a civil war by denying the nomination to the man who won the most elected delegates? No way. They well understand that to do so would be to throw away the party’s chances of victory and to stigmatize it among African-Americans and young people for the rest of their lives. The Democratic Party took 20 years to recover from the traumas of 1968 and it is not about to trigger a similar bloodletting this year.

John McCain’s nomination guarantees that the superdelegates wouldn’t dare. A perfectly acceptable alternative for most Democrats, McCain would harvest so large a proportion of Obama’s votes if Hillary steals the nomination that he would probably win. Even putting Obama on the ticket would not allay the anger of his supporters; it would just make him complicit in the robbery.

Let's see if the inner posse already tearing themselves and each other apart can help Hillary and her Philandering Bubba accept the math. Settle for VP, or like Jacques Chirac, whose political ethics so mirror the Clintons, undermine Obama in the general election [as Chirac did to Giscard to get Socialist Mitterand the presidency]. That way Hillary could run in 2012, if her wrinkles and bitter personality don't make her unelectable.

If this Battle for Richmond continues, the last dog will die along with Dem chances in 2008.

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