Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Can the Clintons Spin Victory Out of New Math?

Hillary and Bill Clinton used to chant the mantra that "every vote counts." But that was before Obama amassed about a million more votes than HRC & her bumbling Bubba-spouse. Now it's superdelegates must vote the way a majority/plurality of their state went and give HRC a three delegate lead over BHO if she gets her petulant way. [Oh yeah, and wins all the rest of the primaries by big margins.] <
BHO played the game as an NFL contest, with caucuses as field goals and huge primaries as touchdowns. That's how he got his lead---hard work on the ground, not hundred-thousand-dollar deli bills in Des Moines. Not top-down autocratic East German Border Guard Volkspolizei discipline ala Hillary---with Five Year Plans and policy pronunciamentos coming out on a weekly basis.

The detestable Harold Ickes
is trying to strongarm Mark Penn out of the campaign cockpit---my long-ago stint working directly under Ickes reminds me that he has no personable genes, only manipulative back-stabbing skills. Mandy Grunwald may help him in the Byzantine court cabals now surrounding HRC.

Her "35 Years of Experience" now boil down to smearing Obama over the next several weeks, although Ickes characterizes this slime-throwing strategy as "shedding light" on BHO's record. But if HRC expects the American people to accept her racist husband "roaming around the White House with nothing to do" and rule with a kitchen cabinet that looks like a circle-chain of backstabbers, she is wrong. [She thinks Kearns Goodwin's book "Team of Rivals" should typify her cabinet---the way her inner posse is acting now, it already looks like another Civil War!]

For all her vaunted "experience," her shambles of a campaign ends up demonstrating her absolute lack of human resources ability. What other abilities can we infer that she lacks?

She'd better clean house soon---and if she does, odds are she'll throw out the baby with the bathwater.

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Donald Douglas said...

Well, you're down there in Florida, so you'll have the inside intell on this!

I saw Bill Nelson on CNN and he's push Howard Dean to seat Florida's delegation.

We'll see...