Monday, March 17, 2008

Iraq War Surge Works, MSM Walks Away

The Ministry of Propaganda against America, called the mainstream media, precipitously dropped coverage of the war on Iraq after Gen. Petraeus's testimony last year:
The American "surge" appears to have made progress, and while Iraq is hardly safe, pockets of the country are much safer than before. [Indeed,] it's possible to pinpoint the exact week that the switch turned off. The war averaged 30 minutes per week of coverage last year on the three network evening newscasts up until Gen. David Petraeus, commander of the U.S. forces, testified in September about the surge's progress, according to news consultant Andrew Tyndall. In the last 15 weeks of the year, the broadcasts collectively spent four minutes per week on the war.

AP typically goes on with extensive quotes from an NBC toadie, who is the worst "war correspondent" since Tokyo Rose, a lil p.o.s. named Engel whose stories about bad morale and other attitude problems among US troops have been directly refuted by the GIs themselves, who saw Engel's coverage and called him a liar. From NBC, that means a pay raise:
Still, Engel senses a growing dissatisfaction among some correspondents about the lack of air time.

Maybe more treasonous lies from this pile of human garbage might do the trick.

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