Monday, March 31, 2008

David Mamet Sees the Light---Expect the "Revisionists" to "reevaluate" Any Day Now!

David Mamet wrote his own Apologia Pro Vita Sua in the Village Voice. He no longer considers himself a liberal, is the gist of the article, and will now judge life from a perspective other than the value-free optic liberals employ on their journey through life.

I'm looking forward to a "reevaluation" of Mamet's work as the hatchet boys begin their "revisionism" which is bound to find that David Mamet is not the immense talent that he appeared to be over the last twenty-five years.

That old Soviet Encyclopedia routine still operates with the Mainstream Media, whose critical faculties are as weak and malleable as their moral integrity---c'est a dire, negligible verging on invisible.

Quel gaspillage!

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