Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wisconsin Loses Big One---AGAIN

Wisconsin has its virtues, but mental and physical agility on the basketball court aren't among them. I've been in hospital for the last week after an abcessed tooth spread sepsis to my blood after being yanked. I had watched the huge slow-footed Badgers overpower smaller teams, but their three big men seemed happier at the three-point line. Rebounding, especially offensive rebounding, was totally lacking in last night's shellacking by Davidson.

Steph Curry seems another Stefan Marbury. His dad was in the NBA and he seems just right for the Heat, if they're smart enough to draft him [though they'll predictably go for a big center after Shaq's departure.]

After the Packers lost to the Giants in Green Bay, I thought the winter would be even longer in the land of cheese. Then Brett threw in the towel. Now no Final Four.

There's always Wisconsin football. And Marquette B-ball.

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