Sunday, March 16, 2008

Clinton's Bubba Drags Obama into Identity Politics, as does Ferraro

The Democratic polarity now dividing the party stems from HRC's philandering hubby's South Carolina antics---dragging Obama down from the pedestal which had got Barack his success to date.

Now Barack is having to crawl out of the gutter where Billary has dragged him. Their natural home is a sewer, but a gutter will suffice until something drives them to their natural playing field---Bill and Hillary can't exorcise their crooked ghosts without creating nasty hypothetical alternatives such as Rezko matching Whitewater, etc.

Admttedly the Clintons are dozens of scandals ahead of Barack, given their moral-leper ethos. But the identity ploy and the Rezko mud will serve as rungs on a ladder to pull themselves out of their natural home to the gutter level where they also have natural advantages.

I am close to convinced that Hillary is now consciously considering playing a spoiler---as Chirac did in France to torpedo Giscard d'Estaing in 1980/81, assuring a Mitterrand victory so that Jacques could come back as the Gaullist leader for the next election. The Democratic Party has a near-conscious affiliation with French politics, which have devolved into "les egouts" far deeper than even the Clintons have ventured thus far.

My guess is that if Hillary can't have the nomination, "events will conspire" to deprive Obama of a victory and give HRC one last shot at the nomination/election in 2012.

You heard it here first.

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