Thursday, March 20, 2008

McCain's "gaffe" Might Be True

The MSMinistry of Agitprop's narrative flow, usually well-orchestrated, is beginning to hit an earth-dam of actual facts, always a problem in the surreality-based community.

You see, Al Qaeda may actually be receiving aid in the form of IEDs and other weaponry from Iran, even though that is Sunnis receiving aid from Shi'ites, which the apodictic left refuses to admit can happen. When Hamas is used as a counter, the clowns at the Center for American Progress whimper:
[Senior CAP cretin Brian] Katulis said "I disagree with the premise of your question, because again it trends towards lumping together threats in a banner of Islamofascism that conservatives tend to do and frankly that type of analytical assessment is what's got us into this mess in Iraq."

And of course, CAP Cretin Katulis has this answer to a rephrase:
"Well, if you're going to ask that question in that sort of way, you can't deny that anything might be possible in those regards, and certainly on the Afghanistan front there has been strong evidence that Iran, feeling pressure and threatened from the U.S. encircling them, has supported some elements in the last few years of the Taliban. But the way that you ask the question is intended to get some sort of answer that fills whatever storyline you're trying to promote."

So we see that storylines are being promoted when one dares question the party line the agitpreppies on the far-left loon fringe are propagating. The blog ends:
Yes, the storyline where Iran, often at odds with Sunni extremists, still assists them when there is a convergence of interests. And if Iran is willing to support the Taliban, whom they almost went to war with, because they feel pressure from the United States, why wouldn't they do the same for AQI? Of course, there is plenty of evidence that they have--but that doesn't fit the storyline at the Center for American Progress.

Like Evan Thomas's Newsweek, which was all over those mean white preppies on the Duke lacrosse team because Socialist Evan said: "The narrative line fit so well, it had to be true....[or weasel words to that effect].

It's really simple, CAP cretins, listen hard and you shall hear: "The enemy of thy enemy is thy friend." Sunni or Shi'ite or Hamas or Hezbollah.

But of course, pinheads can't or won't, hear or listen. Not in their skill set.

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