Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tampa Turmoil? Tampa Tunnel? Good Friday Massacre? Where Davids Slay Goliaths...

Siena, Villanova, Western Kentucky, San Diego all used Tampa's first-round venue to turn dreams into nightmares. of the losing coaches had to ruin everyone else's fun with logic. "The nature of the NCAA tournament is about matchups. It's not about seeding," Vandy coach Kevin Stallings said. "Do you get a matchup that is good for you? Siena obviously got a matchup that was good for them. Western Kentucky got a matchup that I thought was good for them. Obviously, San Diego made the most of their matchup."

Stallings is wrong. It's not all about matchups. It's also about mojo. And magic. How else do you explain Siena's dominance, Jackson's rainbow or Rogers' prayer?

"Got to love the NCAA tournament, don't you?" Western Kentucky coach Darrin Horn said minutes after Rogers' shot. "What you just saw out there is why this is the greatest show on earth."

Ready for some better news? The fun isn't over. Because all four double-digit seeds won, two certainly will keep dancing until at least the Sweet 16. Once they get there, history won't be on their side: 12 and 13 seeds are a combined 1-17 in Sweet 16 play. But why worry about that now? Why not just enjoy spring break with Cinderella? The ball lasts all weekend.

"We're going to have some wild games Sunday," Wright said with a smile.

After watching Tiger et al. at the Blue Monster Friday, it looks like Florida fever is burning down the house!

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