Sunday, February 03, 2008

Why Mitt Can't Handle McCain's Anger Management Problem

Mark Steyn nails a lot of why Romney just doesn't measure up to old-fashioned pols like McCain:
[Romney] needed a Mister-Moderator-I'm-paying-for-this-microphone moment, and every time McCain offered him one, with some contemptuous snarl in his direction, Mitt would put on his more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger expression and say prissily that he wasn't going to descend to personal attacks. It's never good to play to your caricature, and Mitt's caricature (as Kathryn well knows) is that he's an insipid technocrat Ken doll propped up by a lavishly funded campaign. I mentioned a day or two back the Powerline post about McCain's willingness to knee his opponents in their privates. By just taking it, debate after debate, Mitt gave the impression that, like Ken, he didn't even have private parts to be kneed in.

Steyn continues along the line of there's "no there there" when it comes to Romney's core beliefs. And his sanctimonious holier-than-thou Dukakis-like ice-in-his-veins [Remember that question to Dukakis about the death penalty & his wife being raped? Butter wouldn't melt in technocrat Mike-O Duke-O's mouth.]
Here's McCain running as a "national security" candidate who refuses to adequately police our borders??!! Here's Johnny MAC running as a leader who can't control his own temper. Here's a McCain who has scrambled eggs for brains in economics & thinks running the Commerce Committee is business experience.

Why can't Romney lay a glove on this guy?

Kid-gloves are all Mitt brought to the fight.

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