Thursday, February 28, 2008

Medvedev Transition from Putin Czarism to Democracy?

Dmitri Medvedev may have been the author of a note to me concerning a nasty blog excoriating Vladimir Putin as a warmed-over Czarist/Politburo autocrat in December. It was signed in his name from his official-looking weblog and was almost certainly penned by a helper, but curiously didn't defend Putin, but advised me to give Medvedev himself a chance after he was elected. Curious, because I didn't attack Dmitri, but was very harsh on little Vlad The Empoisoner. His blog has the perfect winning line for a skeptic like myself:
"We are well aware that no non-democratic state has ever become truly prosperous for one simple reason: freedom is better than non-freedom."

I hope Dmitri continues to think along these lines and eventually gets enough political power to actually implement a return to more representative government.

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