Wednesday, February 20, 2008

NYT Downloads Toxic Sludge on McCain, Rielle Hunter Still Preggers

Liberal Death Star has devolved or "suffered a declension" as historians once put it, to a nadir where being used in an outhouse as backwipe paper suits it best.

The toxic-waste dump on the Hudson unloads its entire cargo of sludge into the political slipstream, hoping that some will stick to McCain.

Nothing new here, nothing McCain has to respond to. Capt. John has more integrity in his left pinkie cuticle than most Senators, and far more than the loathesome spouse of Bubba, whose high negatives have earned her an "also ran" in the history textbooks. She earned those negatives over her years of "public service. Now that she's road kill, Obama's path ahead only has McCain to avoid.

Will someone at the NYT use the superior investigative journalists at the National Inquirer to ascertain just when Rielle Hunter is coming to term with John Edward's baby?

And Michelle may not keep getting away with her Omarosa moments much longer. She seems to have a chip on her shoulder & Barack could be harmed if she doesn't mind her tongue.

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