Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bob Bennett Refutes NYT McCain Smear: Jon Stewart Tells Larry King Dead Story Sux

McCain doesn't need to worry much as serendipitously the huge audience of Hannity/OtherWeirdDud had booked Robert Bennett to tout his new book. Democrat Legal Beagle Bennett had been Chief Counsel to the hilarious oxymoron known as the Senate Ethics Committee when the original Keating Five investigation came up over twenty years ago. Bennett found that Republican McCain & Dem John Glenn were not involved enough to prosecute---leaving three Democrats [DeConcini, Riegle, Et Al] to sleuth after. Since the Dem Senate didn't want to prosecute or investigate its own criminals, the three presumably guilty Dems were let off the hook. Bennett says this is the only time such an event has ever occurred in the Senate Ethics Committee, dropping a case after cranking it up [because a halfway-honest lawyer was Dem Counsel].

Bennett called the story a complete smear based on anonymous sources.

Jon Stewart all but told Larry King when abruptly presented with the breaking news that the McCains were "fine people" and the NYT had "used up its integrity capital" or some words like that.

When two leftish types agree that the Gray Lady is an over-the-hill hooker, that's a notable day for truth, justice, and the American way.

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