Saturday, February 02, 2008

Good Riddance to Bad Edwards Rubbish

Dan Gerstein has a summary of the hateful wing of the dim-Dem Party skulking back into the bushes:
The Kossacks and their activist allies -- who skew toward the Boomers -- believe that Republicans are venal bordering on evil, and that the way Democrats will win elections and hold power is to one-up Karl Rove's divisive, bare-knuckled tactics. Their opponents within the party -- who skew younger and freer of culture war wounds -- believe that the way to win is offer voters a break from this poisonous tribal warfare and a compelling, inclusive vision for where we want to take the country.

And don't forget that KGB archives also reveal "uniter Teddy" and nasty dwarf Gee-Mah Carter both slouching into the Kremlin in '83 seeking Soviet help & promising favors if the USSR could help their natural allies, the Democrats, win the '84 election. Both Teddy & Gee-mah went to their Soviet masters for help---if this had been the Republicans, cries of treason would have immediately erupted when this story came out a couple of years ago.

The Dems believe international socialism is their real allegiance, and the US is a convenient place to install it to accomplish their own nasty goals. And Repubs and other Americans standing in their way are "enemies"---and in this way, both the Clintons and Nixon had their "enemies lists."

It's a boomer thing, like rock 'n roll, drugs, and sex-in-the-streets.

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