Monday, February 11, 2008

Hillary's "Family Drama" Reasserts Itself

Dr. Sanity has a long and extremely lucid commentary on the decade-and-a-half psychodrama Hillary and Bill have played out on the national stage---jam-packed with dozens of anecdotal examples of the severe dysfunction operating at the center of their relationship. Although she has not examined Hillary personally, she just as the dozens of psychiatrists who adjudged Barry Goldwater "insane" or "mentally unbalanced" back in '64 working with much less evidence has a perfect right to look at Hillary and find her psychologically, well..., a narcissistic compulsive obsessive. There follows a nugget on narcissism:
Far too often, narcissistically flawed individuals are hopelessly attracted by the grandiose opportunities of the political arena (as well as the Hollywood arena) like moths to a flame. Their sense of self is starkly invested in the desire for power over others (always, of course, "for their own good") , constant admiration and adulation and grandiose ambitions. This makes them remarkably adept at what is called the "politics of personal destruction".

Certainly, both sides of the political aisle suffer from excesses of narcissism. But I think it is reasonable to predict that we will see no "Mitt-Romney-for-the-good-of-the-party" moment from Hillary, when and if she is eclipsed by Barack.

For the narcissist it is always a zero-sum game she plays with other individuals. From the perspective of the narcissist, if someone else "wins", the narcissist "loses". It cannot be otherwise, since on some level they know that their own talent and skills are way overblown. Hence, they cannot hope to "win" based on those talents alone. Thus, the behavior of the classic narcissist is mostly directed toward making others lose so they can win by default. To that end, there is no behavior or tactic that is considered out -of-bounds or over-the-top.

The mini-event that brought up my own intense reaction to Dr. Sanity's piece occurred just a few minutes ago when I watched Hillary on the tube righteously playing the victim card over a silly remark about her daughter ["I'm a mom first and a candidate second"], and saying that MSNBC should "be held accountable" for David Shuster's stupid remarks about Chelsea.

Hmmm..... Accountability and Hillary are often in an adversarial relationship:

So many little episodes in Hillary's career have erupted that she’s never been held accountable for, such as the cattle futures windfalls, where she magically turned $1000 investment into $100,000 overnite on her very first fling into the futures market. There was never full disclosure of this totally fraudulent transaction.

And she’s never been held accountable about having her so-called health care task force operate in secret in direct violation of the law, a fact that was subsequently confirmed, but never followed up upon.

Of course, she’s never been held accountable about any of the Castle Grande lies and overbillings - or how the missing Rose Law billing records just happened to show up near her office, conveniently, right after the statute of limitations expired. Although Bill claimed she was, she’s never been held accountable for her role in the Whitewater development…but hey, that was only a simple resort scam designed to fleece seniors.

She’s never been held accountable about her role in the disgraceful Travel Office scandal, where nonpartisan career government employees all lost their jobs to make room for her friends, nor for trying to cover it up with a fraudulent IRS audit and criminal charges against Billy Dale - charges which took a jury only minutes to laugh out of court.

And of course, she was never held accountable for the events surrounding the Vince Foster suicide, which had her brand new campaign manager Maggie Williams rummaging through his office while his body was still warm, according to a Secret Service officer.

How about the FBI files on her political opponents, which were illegally obtained by her chosen aide, Craig Livingstone? How much of that information did she copy? How much does she still have and plan to use? Held accountable? I don’t think so.

As I recall, one of the deputy independent counsels during Whitewater even prepared a draft indictment of her for perjury, which Janet Reno quashed. That’s not being held accountable either.

And she hasn't been held accountable for the Hsu campaign donation "bundling," which hasn't really been seriously investigated. Her husband was disbarred for perjury, but so far she hasn't had to undergo Grand Jury proceedings for dozens of serious felonious charges.

Dr. Sanity follows up Carl Bernstein's excellent book "A Woman In Charge," in which the family drama of the Rodham household was examined and Hillary's relationship with her stern, overbearing and seriously sociopathic father was examined, but Carl never pulled the trigger on Hillary's obvious serious problems with frankness, candor, and basic honesty in any professional manner. Even her spurious specious claim of "35 years of public service" is a laughable contortion of the facts.

I think Dr. Sanity's piece accurately outlines some of the major problems with the Clinton/Rodham hegemony in a certain slice of the Democratic Party's spectrum.

The flaws in this hegemony are gigantic and she is beginning to replay her greatest flops again in full public view.

I hope the MSM continues to defrock this chronic serial fraud and her husband---himself in a continuous binge of lying as he tries even today to play the race card with the Latino community.

Both husband and wife are despicable specimens of overweening narcissistic grandiosity, and should be put aside while true grown-ups like Obama and McCain contest the presidential election.

Bravissima for Dr. Sanity's lucid analysis of Hillary and her endless repetition of her inner conflicts---conflicts she seems to paper over and hide with a super-nanny exterior persona in an endless feedback loop of lies and deceit.

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